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Ocean Swimming Pools Sydney, Mahon Pool

Safe and Fresh

Beautiful ocean swimming pools sydney like Mahon Pool Maroubra are a natural joy to experience

Of the many ocean swimming pools sydney in and about Sydney Mahon Pool at North Maroubra seems to be the least known by Sydney-siders. Its tucked away in the rocks and can not be seen by most. From the air it shines as a little oasis for the keen ocean swimmers that delight in the pool’s refreshingly clean water.

All of Sydney’s ocean swimming pools have a very interesting history. Most are built into or an an existing rock platform and have taken years to stabilise because of the force of the ocean waves.

And that’s what Sydney Aerial Photography is for … to show that special aspect that can’t be normally seen … whether its real estate, property or simple ocean swimming pools.

More ocean swimming pools sydney ?

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Aerial photography of tow-in-surfing amongst big surf conditions

Aerial photography of tow-in-surfing amongst big surf conditions

Good flying last weekend over the coast and we jagged some spectacular tow-in surfing. One thing I really get a buzz out of is Aerial photography of tow-in-surfing amongst big surf conditions. The driver of the jet ski was particularly brave and the aerial photography conditions were perfect off North Narrabeen, Northern Beaches, Sydney.

Aerial photography of tow-in-surfing amongst big surf conditions

Aerial photography of tow-in-surfing amongst big surf conditions is difficult. It is all about the timing. There are many factors you have to consider and wait for. The surf, the wind, a big wave set, etc etc,. Once on the chosen wave you have to depend on the surfer to stay on the wave.

Or its all over and you start again.


Thanks to Robert Simeon of R&W Mosman for his kind words:
“The all-time master of aerial photography Tim Mooney captured this amazing shot last weekend of a surfer being towed in at North Narrabeen beach – this wave was huge.”

aerial photography golf courses

aerial photography golf courses – love it

Dawn picture over The Lakes Golf Club Sydney aerial photography golf courses
One passion: aerial photography golf courses. Flying back to base in the helicopter from a dawn ‘mission’ the site of the sun rising over the Lakes Golf Club in Sydney was stunning … certainly fit for an aerial photograph. I have many effect shots like this in my Aerial Photographic Library of Sydney if anyone is ever looking for that perfect effect picture. Just call me with your request 0418670437

There are many golf courses in Sydney and the most picturesque are the ones with a lot of water. Picturesque as far as a Sydney aerial photographer is concerned. Ugly as far as a golfer is concerned. Ever wondered how many golf balls are in those water hazards? Think I might design a submerged golf ball seeking camera.

Aerial Photo of Sydney Beaches

Aerial Photo of Sydney Beaches

Aerial Photo of Sydney Beaches Freshwater

Aerial photo of Freshwater Beach, Sydney … later Sunday afternoon, Autumn 2013

Coming home via the coast from a Northern Beaches aerial photography shoot the site at Freshwater Beach was spectacular. A beautiful surf was rolling on and there were plenty of surfers on longboards ‘in the queue’ for a wave. Its fun to take an Aerial Photo of Sydney Beaches

There were also numerous families on the beach taking in the perfect autumn conditions. As an aerial photographer I am always looking so these clean images as my clients are always wanting something different.

Technically these in transit aerial photographs are difficult to master because of the complexity of speed of the helicopter etc. These shots have to be spur of the moment decision work and they are fun to perfect.

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hammerhead crane garden island sydney

Hammerhead Crane Garden Island Sydney

My uncle Frank Wade designed this big ‘Hammerhead’ crane at Garden Island many years ago. He died at 103 yrs old many years ago.

I have been trying to get a good and different aerial photo of the hammerhead crane garden island sydney for years. Everything lined up the other day and I really like this result. What about that big helipad on the FRONT of that red ship, the Navy’s ‘Ocean Shield’.

This is a very high resolution original file is anyone is interested in a print.

Aerial Photo of Garden Island showing famous old crane

Garden Island Hammerhead crane and the navy’s ‘Ocean Shield’, Sydney Harbour


Aerial Photo of Redfern including The Old Block

Aerial Photo of Redfern including The Old Block

Redfern © Tim Mooney

Aerial Photo of Redfern including The Old Block

The grassed area to the top right is the old notorious ‘Block’ area of Redfern.

Before it was regenerated there were countless stories in the press of the goings on their at night. The whole area got out of hand so the authorities stepped in. This image shows a stark contrast of open space and the rigid line of terraced houses leading to the train station at Redfern.

Technically speaking this aerial photo mission was a challenge due to the proximity of the target to the air traffic from Mascot airport. Working with a great pilot is teamwork plus!

Aerial Photo of Redfern including The Old Block