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Aerial photographs

Aerial, Arial, Ariel

Aerial, Arial, Ariel


We accept any spelling (Aerial, Arial, Ariel) for the word AERIAL in Sydney Aerial Photography. Its one of those weird words.

Just for the records when we use the word ‘Aerial’ it means we are elevated some how. This could be Aerial Photos from a Helicopter, Aerial pictures from a fixed wing plane, or even Aerial photography from a Drone UAV.

spelling scrabble


Here’s what a dictionary says about the word ‘AERIAL’:

  1. of, in, or produced by the air aerial currents.
  2. inhabiting or frequenting the air: aerial creatures.
  3. operating on a track or cable elevated above the ground: an aerial ski lift up the mountainside.
  4. reaching far into the air; high; lofty: aerial spires.
  5. partaking of the nature of air; airy.
  6. unsubstantial; visionary: aerial fancies.
  7. having a light and graceful beauty; ethereal: aerial music.
  8. Biology. growing in the air, as the adventitious roots of some trees.
  9. pertaining to or used for, against, or in aircraft.
  10. supplied or performed by means of aircraft: aerial support; aerial reconnaissance.


Back to the spelling ….

Some people have miss spelt it ‘Arial’ …. its not Sydney Arial Photography its Sydney Aerial Photography.

Some people could think that it is spelt as Ariel

Here’s what the dictionary says about Ariel:

  1. (in Shakespeare’s Tempest ) a spirit of the air who is required to use his magic to help Prospero.
  2. Astronomy. one of the moons of the planet Uranus.
  3. Aerospace. one of a series of British satellites that studied the ionosphere, cosmic rays, and x-rays.
  4. Also, Ar·i·elle . a female given name.
  5. a male given name.

Here’s what Wiki says.


And on and on we go. Aerial, Arial, Ariel

So there are many ways to spell where and what we do but really only one way to spell Aerial as in Sydney Aerial Photography. And what we do is take AERIAL PICS, photos, photographs, images … whatever it takes to get whatever you want.

Middle Harbour Aerial Photography

Middle Harbour Aerial Photography – where’s you listing?

aerial photo of Balmoral Sydney CBD Middle Harbour Aerial Photography
Getting great images of Sydney to use for the sale of real estate in Middle Harbour all depends on the weather and in particular the wind direction.
That is why I have an extensive library of Middle Harbour Aerial Photography for real estate agents to use. Its all about location when it comes to the top Sydney suburbs such as Mosman, Balmoral,etc.

What do you need?

The best way to view the most suitable aerial photographs for your requirement is to contact me via email and just let me know the suburb you are interested in. I will get back to you quickly with a return set of proofs in watermarked pdf format. Make your choice and let me know then the High Res can be forwarded after rental payment is finalised.

Check the weather

The best equipment for aerial photography Sydney

The best equipment for aerial photography Sydney

Camera lens in pristine clean condition. Best equipment for aerial photography Sydney

Please clean your lenses

There is a great saying that ‘the best camera is the one you have in your hand‘. Yes that is true. For the demands of high resolution aerial photography in Sydney its is not necessarily true.

When I take a holiday I love to just take my phone out and challenge myself with the limited capability of such a multipurpose device. Its a different story when I jump in the helicopter on a mission to aerial photograph Sydney.

My customers demand the highest possible quality and its up to me to deliver beyond their expectations.

Here’s proof:

Thanks for everything, I’ll get back in touch when we need some more shots (over summer).
Thanks for the gr8 service and shots
Kind regards

This job referred to was very demanding. Low level out at sea, moving boats, moving helicopter, seas tossing. You get the picture. I had to! In moments like that you need a thorough knowledge of your aerial photographic equipment and a very high resolution camera. Fast lenses are essential. As the experts say ‘you need good glass!’

Another thing that is critical for all photography is to have clean equipment. I always carry lens cleaning cloth. I prefer to use the micro fibre style cloth. I clean my lenses before every flight. I clean the front and I clean the back. A must do practice.

Looking after my equipment I am assured that I have the Best equipment for aerial photography Sydney

Art in the aerial pictures – seeing the art from the sky

Art in the aerial pictures

Art in the aerial pictures

Art in the race track curves


Often when flying over I can’t resist a shape or a set of colours … or both. Balanced shapes are easy to see from above. We live in shapes. We move throughout shapes. Ever thought of our environment as art? Of course it is.

In the above shot of a corner of Warwick Farm Race Track I knew there was going to be a shot so I just clicked away a few times and the result is pleasing. Bottom left the green tractor is heading out for yet another lap. Possibly boring but would be very satisfying to see the result and know that they are part of ‘art in the aerial pictures’.

The real art in the art is being ready and alert. This job of aerial photography is all about maximising the opportunity of being aloft. See it snap it. Trash it later if its no good but don’t leave the shot in the air.

Blue Mountains Aerial Photo

Aerial photo of Medlow Bath at Katoomba Blue Mountains

The end of the line – good brakes required

Blue Mountains Aerial Photo – Sydney Aerial Photography

Recently I flew an assignment to the Blue Mountains just west of Sydney, NSW. You can see from this shot why the area is called ‘The Blue Mountains’. No tricks in photoshop on this pic. This is the natural hue of the picture. The original file is a large 34MP RAW file and would make an amazing enlargement somewhere. That dirt track leads to a spectacular lookout. Be careful, drive slowly and break early.

Flying in the Blue Mountains is a tricky affair and only for the experienced weather forecasters. We jagged a good pattern even though the flight had been cancelled earlier in the day due to pending weather changes. I had a feeling it would stay clear for us and it did. Large towering cumulus clouds danced around us but stayed away from casting a shadow on the target. Although there was some fog haze I was able to remove it in Photoshop … a trick I have perfected over the years. Removing haze from aerial photos is an invaluable trick for the aerial photographer.

Aerial Photography Sydney

Aerial Photography Sydney

Aerial Photography Sydney is easier when you know how. All different light conditions flood the Sydney icons of the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Aerial Photography of Sydney is an absolute pleasure anytime of the sunlit day.

Aerial Photography Sydney – Sydney Aerial Photography

aerial photography Sydney Opera House Harbour Bridge

Architect Jorn Utzon had amazing vision and belief to deliver the masterful design and structure of the Sydney Opera House.

But Sydney has its other jewels as well as the icons.

Anything we see from the sky in Aerial Photography Sydney is magnificent.

Its a responsibility to action Aerial Photography of Sydney. You most bring home a result. Helicopters are very expensive so therefore every second counts. It is important to understand your overheads and what really is the bottom line. But more importantly is to understand what your client wants. Your client pays your wage. No confusion.

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We do AERIAL photography not ARIAL photography

We do AERIAL photography and not AIRIAL, AIRIAL or ARIEL photography.

When people call to ask us what we do we tell them that we do AERIAL photography. When we get emails or Google searches some people usk us questions that are confusing because of the spelling. Phonetics are funny. When you say the word AERIAL you could spell it many ways. ARIAL. AIRIAL. ARIEL can you think of any others.

But the true real exact proper etc word is AERIAL for the photography we do. Which is weird because we shoot from the AIR.

You can view Aerial Photography in WIKIPEDIA

We do AERIAL photography

Not exactly how we do it!










If you go to the dictionary you find this:


  1. 1.
    a rod, wire, or other structure by which signals are transmitted or received as part of a radio or television transmission or receiving system.
  1. 1.
    existing, happening, or operating in the air.
    “an aerial battle”
    So our AERIAL is an adjective and it describes the Photography that we do.
    If AERIAL was a Noun it might describe the aerial that is a transmitter or connected to your car radio etc.
    An Ariel is a gazelle found in the Middle East and North Africa
    Arial – Arial, sometimes marketed or displayed in software as Arial MT, is a sans-serif typeface and set of computer fonts. Fonts from the Arial family
    Airial – is not a word. Maybe we could invent one?
    So just for the records: We do AERIAL photography

Glamping Cockatoo Island Sydney Harbour

Glamping Cockatoo Island Sydney Harbour

Glamping Cockatoo Island Sydney Harbour

Cockatoo Island Sydney Harbour offers onsite camping and Glamour Camping
















Yes Glamping is Glamour Camping

Those little dots on the ground are tents and some of them are set up for Glamour Camping – Glamping.

Cockatoo Island is a heritage-listed island in the middle of beautiful Sydney Harbour. Hop on a ferry and explore the island for the day or stay overnight in the campground or holiday houses.

Retaining all its character and heritage from decades of human endeavour by convicts and shipbuilders alike, Cockatoo Island has undergone a renaissance in every sense of the word and opened its doors to all.

Glamping Cockatoo Island Sydney Harbour: – When you don’t have the equipment or much time to plan, Glamping is the way to go. It’s a laid-back luxury camping experience where everything is organised for you. Unlike traditional camping where you bring the tent and gear with you, with glamping it’s all set up and ready to go on your arrival.

There is a large camping kitchen is available which includes 10 x BBQ areas, a fridge, microwave and a zip boiling water system, campers need to supply their own cooking utensils, cutlery and plates. Additional camping mats and chairs can be hired from the Accommodation Office.

When Aerial Photography is done on Sydney Harbour we often travel past Cockatoo Island because the Parramatta River west of the Harbour Bridge is a helicopter lane. We see it in its best and its worst and take aerial photos of Sydney in whatever conditions our client requires . The fun days are when there is lots of activity to do with Glamping Cockatoo Island Sydney Harbour. People, families, big groups, small groups are everywhere and the cafes and restaurants are very busy.

The 19th Biennale of Sydney are currently exhibiting on Cockatoo Island until the 9th June.


The Domain


Aerial Photography Sydney Domain

I remember as a child we’d go to the Domain in Sydney and litem to the ‘opinions’ of those standing on old soap boxes. I was always intrigued by their commitment to the message of the day. The people shouted out their message and the public gave it back to them. Game on. And if you wanted to know how a war starts anywhere in the world you just had to go to the old school Domain. Arguments everywhere. Entertainment to most.

These days the only time I get to the Domain is to visit the Art Gallery of NSW or to be overhead in the helicopter doing Aerial Photography of Sydney.

Recently I was overhead photographing and grabbed this clear shot. Now its in my library of over 100,000 rentable images of Sydney. No sign of crowds gathered around speakers these days. Just nice green space, gardens and great Architecture.

Aerial Photo Chatswood CBD – Very clear and sharp

Great sharp images from the aerial photo library

Aerial Photo Chatswood CBD



The aerial image library of Sydney Aerial Photography is full of crystal clear sharp images like you see here…an aerial photo of Chatswood CBD

Aerial Photo Chatswood CBD

Technically speaking the air above Sydney is clear most of the time. Sometimes you get the extra clear weather patterns and this is when we fly to collect images for the Aerial Library. This Aerial Photo Chatswood CBD is a good example of a clear image.

There will be times when you just can not get your real estate shots done due to bad weather. These are the times you should consider an aerial image from the Sydney Aerial Photography aerial image library. Great clear shots available.
The rental process of aerial images is easy. Simply contact me with the address of your property/ real estate listing and I will forward you a PDF of appropriate images from the aerial image library. Once you have made a choice the high resolution version will be forwarded to you by email or link.

Link to image library HERE

Chatswood CBD has grown intelligently. It seems there has been the space and the brains to make it a really smart ‘cbd decentralisation’ over the years. Certainly has easy access by bus, rail and car.