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Art in the aerial pictures – seeing the art from the sky

Art in the aerial pictures

Art in the aerial pictures

Art in the race track curves


Often when flying over I can’t resist a shape or a set of colours … or both. Balanced shapes are easy to see from above. We live in shapes. We move throughout shapes. Ever thought of our environment as art? Of course it is.

In the above shot of a corner of Warwick Farm Race Track I knew there was going to be a shot so I just clicked away a few times and the result is pleasing. Bottom left the green tractor is heading out for yet another lap. Possibly boring but would be very satisfying to see the result and know that they are part of ‘art in the aerial pictures’.

The real art in the art is being ready and alert. This job of aerial photography is all about maximising the opportunity of being aloft. See it snap it. Trash it later if its no good but don’t leave the shot in the air.