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Aerial Photography Sydney

Aerial Photography Sydney

Aerial Photography Sydney is easier when you know how. All different light conditions flood the Sydney icons of the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Aerial Photography of Sydney is an absolute pleasure anytime of the sunlit day.

Aerial Photography Sydney – Sydney Aerial Photography

aerial photography Sydney Opera House Harbour Bridge

Architect Jorn Utzon had amazing vision and belief to deliver the masterful design and structure of the Sydney Opera House.

But Sydney has its other jewels as well as the icons.

Anything we see from the sky in Aerial Photography Sydney is magnificent.

Its a responsibility to action Aerial Photography of Sydney. You most bring home a result. Helicopters are very expensive so therefore every second counts. It is important to understand your overheads and what really is the bottom line. But more importantly is to understand what your client wants. Your client pays your wage. No confusion.

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The Domain


Aerial Photography Sydney Domain

I remember as a child we’d go to the Domain in Sydney and litem to the ‘opinions’ of those standing on old soap boxes. I was always intrigued by their commitment to the message of the day. The people shouted out their message and the public gave it back to them. Game on. And if you wanted to know how a war starts anywhere in the world you just had to go to the old school Domain. Arguments everywhere. Entertainment to most.

These days the only time I get to the Domain is to visit the Art Gallery of NSW or to be overhead in the helicopter doing Aerial Photography of Sydney.

Recently I was overhead photographing and grabbed this clear shot. Now its in my library of over 100,000 rentable images of Sydney. No sign of crowds gathered around speakers these days. Just nice green space, gardens and great Architecture.

Aerial Photo of Sydney Beaches

Aerial Photo of Sydney Beaches

Aerial Photo of Sydney Beaches Freshwater

Aerial photo of Freshwater Beach, Sydney … later Sunday afternoon, Autumn 2013

Coming home via the coast from a Northern Beaches aerial photography shoot the site at Freshwater Beach was spectacular. A beautiful surf was rolling on and there were plenty of surfers on longboards ‘in the queue’ for a wave. Its fun to take an Aerial Photo of Sydney Beaches

There were also numerous families on the beach taking in the perfect autumn conditions. As an aerial photographer I am always looking so these clean images as my clients are always wanting something different.

Technically these in transit aerial photographs are difficult to master because of the complexity of speed of the helicopter etc. These shots have to be spur of the moment decision work and they are fun to perfect.

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Altona sells for record Sydney amount. Game on

Aerial photo of Altona Point Piper Altona sells for record Sydney amount

Over the years I have photographed numerous properties for sale … many of them over and over again.

Altona in Point Piper is no exception. Altona sells for record Sydney amount.

This time Altona sells for record Sydney amount. In fact an aerial photo I took of Altona way way back (nearly 30 yrs!) broke all the rules. We flew so low that we almost could get out of the chopper … on water!

This time it has taken a while on market but Altona has commanded a current record of $50 + million. So while the claim is out – Altona sells for record Sydney amount -I’m sure it won’t be long before that record is toppled.

The above image is one of a batch I did for the recent sale. A few extra days on market but it eventually sold very well.

We are all part of the food chain


We are all part of the food chain

Now what could that be?

When flying and doing my aerial photography you get to see things in a different perspective.

One would think that the amount of flying I do would expose me to marine threatening occasions. Not so although this one did raise a shark alarm after we radio’d in to Surf Life Saving.

Other events from the sky that we kept our distance from was the birth of a whale on the south coast of NSW. We were en route to a shoot when we noticed a very large whale curving her body. We continued on to complete the shoot. On our return to base flying over the same are there was the mother whale with her new born (and a mess) right beside her. Beautiful.

I always remember: We are all part of the food chain.

Aerial Photography by Tim Mooney

Aerial Photography by Tim Mooney

What a circus


Hello down there!

Not really. I don’t live in the sky. I live on the ground like you but I can tell you there is nothing like a bird’s eye view from the chopper.
Aerial photography is something I have been doing for over 30 years and it still excites me tremendously. Not just the flight but also the fact that I can deliver to clients clear, crisp aerial photos that help market, sell or expose property and real estate.
There’s nothing like a great aerial photograph to really tell the story. Aerial photographs show location, size, aspect, condition, typography, etc etc. See the aerial photo … get the picture.

Aerial Photography by Tim Mooney

You can consign me to take new aerial photos of your project OR you might like to take a look at my library of 50,000 images … you choose.
This web site of Sydney Aerial Photography has grown from my other sites: , , , and is where I am going to centre the core of my business from. Growth will happen so stay tuned as this site becomes the premier site for Aerial Photography in Sydney, NSW, Australia.