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Ocean Swimming Pools Sydney, Mahon Pool

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Beautiful ocean swimming pools sydney like Mahon Pool Maroubra are a natural joy to experience

Of the many ocean swimming pools sydney in and about Sydney Mahon Pool at North Maroubra seems to be the least known by Sydney-siders. Its tucked away in the rocks and can not be seen by most. From the air it shines as a little oasis for the keen ocean swimmers that delight in the pool’s refreshingly clean water.

All of Sydney’s ocean swimming pools have a very interesting history. Most are built into or an an existing rock platform and have taken years to stabilise because of the force of the ocean waves.

And that’s what Sydney Aerial Photography is for … to show that special aspect that can’t be normally seen … whether its real estate, property or simple ocean swimming pools.

More ocean swimming pools sydney ?

More images can be seen in the library here

aerial photography golf courses

aerial photography golf courses – love it

Dawn picture over The Lakes Golf Club Sydney aerial photography golf courses
One passion: aerial photography golf courses. Flying back to base in the helicopter from a dawn ‘mission’ the site of the sun rising over the Lakes Golf Club in Sydney was stunning … certainly fit for an aerial photograph. I have many effect shots like this in my Aerial Photographic Library of Sydney if anyone is ever looking for that perfect effect picture. Just call me with your request 0418670437

There are many golf courses in Sydney and the most picturesque are the ones with a lot of water. Picturesque as far as a Sydney aerial photographer is concerned. Ugly as far as a golfer is concerned. Ever wondered how many golf balls are in those water hazards? Think I might design a submerged golf ball seeking camera.

Altona sells for record Sydney amount. Game on

Aerial photo of Altona Point Piper Altona sells for record Sydney amount

Over the years I have photographed numerous properties for sale … many of them over and over again.

Altona in Point Piper is no exception. Altona sells for record Sydney amount.

This time Altona sells for record Sydney amount. In fact an aerial photo I took of Altona way way back (nearly 30 yrs!) broke all the rules. We flew so low that we almost could get out of the chopper … on water!

This time it has taken a while on market but Altona has commanded a current record of $50 + million. So while the claim is out – Altona sells for record Sydney amount -I’m sure it won’t be long before that record is toppled.

The above image is one of a batch I did for the recent sale. A few extra days on market but it eventually sold very well.